The Loving You

May 5th, 2019, sometime in the early morning, there was a need to write this. Today, eight months later, there is a need to share it … not knowing the purpose of this moment. You, however, do have a glimpse into your reasons for this “now”. Be open to possibilities of the unexpected in your life when you fall for you … and find a way.


Two seemingly trifling syllables, yet unlimited reach
Gemstones, babies, puppies, lovers ...

Oh, so much in eight letters.

The moments that turn over lives
Caring, crying, caressing, consoling
Time ending and fresh beginnings

Oh, so much in eight letters.

Second chances taken when sadness unveiled
Depression at bay with respiratory ease.

Touching the tears of a friend gasping for breath

Oh, so much in eight letters.

"Precious", above all this, is your life.
You are unlimited reach.
You are two syllables of wild imagination.
You are "Oh, so much more than eight letters".

If Only

To my friends,

If only all promises made were fulfilled,
Would your life be the same?
If only disappointments weren’t at hand,
No regrets, no fear, no pain.

If only expectations were somehow true,
Would you then have some relief?
If only everyone else came by for you,
No guilt, no shame, no false belief.

“If only” is a concept that doesn’t exist
-Hope for the future as you’d like it to be.
Now has no “if only” – the past is what was
“If only” puts chains on expected reality

Today didn’t show because of two words.
Tomorrow will be here regardless of you.
The past lived before, gone by as the time.
“If” you are doing, sometime did, or will do.

Saying, ‘If only I didn’t hear all of this now
then what would be worthwhile to learn?”
I’d say, “You did it regardless of ‘if only’
Your life needed a substantial turn”

All promises made aren’t fulfilled.
Your life will remain the same.
There will be disappointments at hand.
Stop playing the “if only” game.

Expectations are infinitely seldom true
Answers aplenty don’t knock on your door
No one may help you get through your life
Instead of “if only”, ask “what is my awesome life for?”

It’ll give you purpose, goals, and a hope
For a future you’d happily embrace
“If only” steals joy from your now as it is.
Wiping smiles and joy off your face.

I, too, need to learn as well not to say
These two words here-to-fore said,
“One day at a time” – our lives are lived out
“if only” in our expectant head

Sincerely as one heartbeat at a time,


Missing Merriment

Missing the merriment. Simple. Family at home.

Everyone was together. No one was alone.

All in one room. Presents abounding

Shoulder to shoulder. Love certain – surrounding.

All is gone now. Piano and kin

Moments to treasure. Soul’s birth, again.

All is gone, but everything gained

The music, wonderfully, is still here. It never waned

Mom had it right. Christmas eve years ago

“Live to pass on what you already know.

Teach from your heart a piece never to die.

Play music forever as you rise to the sky.”

She rose years ago. Her piano’s been sold

The room sits so quiet. Beginning to look old.

Missing the merriment. Isn’t ever easy, they say

I’d like to sit once more. Just five minutes to play

A carol, a piece, or two. With mom by my side.

She’s not here. Kinda stings a little inside.

It’s ok, though.

Mom had it right.

I think I’ll sing, alone, a quiet verse

Of mother and child, I love this “Silent Night”

Emptiness Then Everything

When one is empty...
LIFE should be Liberated.
Boulders of pain and regret lifted
From shoulders worn down.

When one is empty...
LIGHT should be Continuity.
Prismatic tones ringing universal
From chambers of an unchained heart.

When one is empty...
LOVE should be Iridescent.
Glimmering beginnings never ending
From a soul having everything

When one is empty, there is all.
Liberation, Continuity, Iridescence

From Emptiness, Expect Fullness
Embrace the arrival.

Look at your Mountain

You are always a survivor of the climb,
whatever gets you through your “one day at a time”.
A believer in yourself, your dreams, a soul-if you will,
the pride of your mountain, destiny to fulfill.

There’s NO ONE like you with a willful intent …
who once said, “I know what I know and meant what I meant.”
When once you faced head-on that turning point day,
Said ‘NO’ to nay-sayers, and then turned away.

So, now there’s a challenge – ascend it you must.
In all heart-of-hearts, it is YOURS you can trust.
Look at your mountain, one step each it’s due.
In each footprint you leave…,
…your mountain says, “I love you”.

Your Angel

ay no mind to your heart when you sleep.
For your heart doesn't mind soon at rest.
A wonderful dream state awaits a desire
When closing your eyes, you are blessed.

Your mind tends to worry I'm happy to say.
It keeps your heart's day close at hand.
A heart always with you - dusk until dawn -
Can be rested upon your nightstand.

A mindful, good sleep will shelter a soul
and help nurture the pains of your heart.
So separate the two - a heart and a mind
They won't mind being apart....

During the eve, as your mind plunges forth,
A magical happening occurs:
An angel picks up your heart as it rests
For you are the soul that she serves.

Rest in your dream. All the while this is so,
The angel repairs all your hurt.
Joy woven peace are her stitches of time
All your pain she works hard to convert.

Are all souls attended in such a good fashion?
Probably not, I'm sorry to say.
Some choose to cling to their sad, lonely heart
By not at the end of the day....

Giving into a dream - a trusting nightstand
Where a tired heart can be just so.
(Angels of mercy cannot heal a heart
Held too close as to not let it grow)

Like a miracle of fresh accents in bloom
Is the morning when old becomes new..
Your angel to watch - gently so, as it goes
As she returns your heart back unto you.

Pay no mind to your heart when you sleep
For your angel won't let you alone.
She heals that which is her one desire:
Your heart, her mission, her home.


“I can be myself.” Wish more people would take this to heart.
May not mean much to one but it would be a small start.

For in the heart of one who is willing to “be”
Lies a world of all others who could through this one then see….

The ways of ill fortune and wayward intent.
Are no different than this one to whom they were sent.

So, shouting from mountains these others may proclaim:
“The beauty in all our hearts are now one in the same!!.”