Your Angel

ay no mind to your heart when you sleep.
For your heart doesn't mind soon at rest.
A wonderful dream state awaits a desire
When closing your eyes, you are blessed.

Your mind tends to worry I'm happy to say.
It keeps your heart's day close at hand.
A heart always with you - dusk until dawn -
Can be rested upon your nightstand.

A mindful, good sleep will shelter a soul
and help nurture the pains of your heart.
So separate the two - a heart and a mind
They won't mind being apart....

During the eve, as your mind plunges forth,
A magical happening occurs:
An angel picks up your heart as it rests
For you are the soul that she serves.

Rest in your dream. All the while this is so,
The angel repairs all your hurt.
Joy woven peace are her stitches of time
All your pain she works hard to convert.

Are all souls attended in such a good fashion?
Probably not, I'm sorry to say.
Some choose to cling to their sad, lonely heart
By not at the end of the day....

Giving into a dream - a trusting nightstand
Where a tired heart can be just so.
(Angels of mercy cannot heal a heart
Held too close as to not let it grow)

Like a miracle of fresh accents in bloom
Is the morning when old becomes new..
Your angel to watch - gently so, as it goes
As she returns your heart back unto you.

Pay no mind to your heart when you sleep
For your angel won't let you alone.
She heals that which is her one desire:
Your heart, her mission, her home.

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