Missing Merriment

Missing the merriment. Simple. Family at home.

Everyone was together. No one was alone.

All in one room. Presents abounding

Shoulder to shoulder. Love certain – surrounding.

All is gone now. Piano and kin

Moments to treasure. Soul’s birth, again.

All is gone, but everything gained

The music, wonderfully, is still here. It never waned

Mom had it right. Christmas eve years ago

“Live to pass on what you already know.

Teach from your heart a piece never to die.

Play music forever as you rise to the sky.”

She rose years ago. Her piano’s been sold

The room sits so quiet. Beginning to look old.

Missing the merriment. Isn’t ever easy, they say

I’d like to sit once more. Just five minutes to play

A carol, a piece, or two. With mom by my side.

She’s not here. Kinda stings a little inside.

It’s ok, though.

Mom had it right.

I think I’ll sing, alone, a quiet verse

Of mother and child, I love this “Silent Night”

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