If Only

To my friends,

If only all promises made were fulfilled,
Would your life be the same?
If only disappointments weren’t at hand,
No regrets, no fear, no pain.

If only expectations were somehow true,
Would you then have some relief?
If only everyone else came by for you,
No guilt, no shame, no false belief.

“If only” is a concept that doesn’t exist
-Hope for the future as you’d like it to be.
Now has no “if only” – the past is what was
“If only” puts chains on expected reality

Today didn’t show because of two words.
Tomorrow will be here regardless of you.
The past lived before, gone by as the time.
“If” you are doing, sometime did, or will do.

Saying, ‘If only I didn’t hear all of this now
then what would be worthwhile to learn?”
I’d say, “You did it regardless of ‘if only’
Your life needed a substantial turn”

All promises made aren’t fulfilled.
Your life will remain the same.
There will be disappointments at hand.
Stop playing the “if only” game.

Expectations are infinitely seldom true
Answers aplenty don’t knock on your door
No one may help you get through your life
Instead of “if only”, ask “what is my awesome life for?”

It’ll give you purpose, goals, and a hope
For a future you’d happily embrace
“If only” steals joy from your now as it is.
Wiping smiles and joy off your face.

I, too, need to learn as well not to say
These two words here-to-fore said,
“One day at a time” – our lives are lived out
“if only” in our expectant head

Sincerely as one heartbeat at a time,


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