My Amulet

I fell in love today.

It took only one bite to realize my original plans of a year-end silent soliloquy was toast. To be fair, the wheat toast was already ingested when, after one forkful of an omelet barely eaten, I espied the most amazing of shapes before me. Peppered plate un-rotated, friends surrounded me in unimpressed amazement, and I – a willing accomplice in this jovial platter of blog-worthy coincidence before me … were all together on this last day of 2019.

Who knew? Certainly not I. The ordering of a simple sausage, egg, and cheese omelet earlier should not have, under normal circumstances, required a quick holster draw of a camera phone. This morning was not a normal circumstance. If it was, I’d be uploading the pre-planned writing saved yesterday and attaching pictures of flowers, moonbeams, and stars. Well … not really, but you get my point.

As it seems to be, I am not doing that currently. What I am doing is posting up a camera shot of a ever-so-partially eaten omelet. “Unimpressive”, by your standards, perhaps, but “Magnificent” in my eyes. As an aside, you continue to read, so I know your infatuation with “Amulet” the omelet (yes, I’ve assigned a name – don’t judge me) is equal to my initial attraction. What drew me in? What stopped me from another viscous tining into the eggy breakfast fare?….

…. Why, the shape? The luscious shape. Look at her. Is there anything more beautiful than a head, dorsal fin, caudal fin, and pectoral fin glistening back off a porcelain peppered plate? Ah, my Amulet.

I’ve been wanting “different” lately. My friends knew nothing of this “different”. I entered the cafe hungry. I knew it was not a hunger for food, but longings and connections with seafaring, romantic impulses missing in our landlocked community. The wanting of warm waves rippling in my toes. Salty ocean breezes and greased air from boardwalk fryers crossing beneath my nose are so absent here.

As is stands, I take my pleasures where they are. Omelets and all. Imaginings take shape in our wonderful minds. In these places live oceans of ideas. Today, I have a friend … on a plate. And she’s special.

I chose the name for two reasons. First, should I ever compose a song, “Amulet” and “omelet” are close in rhyme and/or sound. Grammy worthy, perhaps not, however I can dream of her in my private evening nocturnes and be quite satisfied in that alone. Second, amulets protect against all the “bad stuffs” possibly coming my way.

I will have to take solace in only thinking about Amulet as time moves forward into 2020 and beyond. Reflecting upon our short time together this morning, I am so keenly aware she left me as quickly as she entered.

Because I ate her. And she was delicious. Fins and all.

Sometimes love requires sacrifice. I will forever remember beauty as her shape.

My sausage, egg, and cheese Queen. My Amulet.

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