Drake, 911 and “?”

Fourteen times a week – without fail – this happens … and will continue to do so whether or not I am around to witness it. “9:11” will bleep up on digital clocks around the world. Two full minutes out of every one-thousand, four-hundred forty minutes of every day (roughly .00139%) is spent on this display. Before you get too crazy figuring the odds/probabilities of “9:11” (see an earlier post), every digital number has the same 2x/day… UNLESS you have a “military time” display that keeps time differently… ex. 1:00 pm is 13:00, etc… OR, you don’t give two “bleeps” to the wind about any of this ….. In which case, stop reading, go make yourself a bagel, take the cat for a walk, or play Jenga with a clown – I really don’t care (actually, I do … please keep reading).

Thanks for hanging in. Five out of seven times in the morning – on average – I look at my clock in the car and it is showing “9:11”. That’s slightly above 70%. Even in the summer, when my schedule is not as regimented, same. Year around, in the later evening – no matter what I’m doing, any digital clock I’m glancing at … anywhere … yep, “9:11″…. probably four days a week at least (57%). So, for the sake of being simple, this damn number shows up in my life, “randomly” during any given week waaay more than it should,…right? Well, on digital clocks, anyway.

Why can’t it be a happier digit combination like, I don’t know, “12:25” (Christmas)? Why the universal “9-1-1” dial up number for “uh-oh, I got a problem”? What is the numerical universe trying to message me? Apparently, there is a greater chance of alien life than the universe providing an answer to my digital dilemma. The Drake equation is easier for me to understand…

See what I mean? I get the Drake problem. I really do. But, I can’t figure out why, on average, “9:11” shows up in front of my beamers 60% of the time during the week. No other time of the day does. Not 6:46, 7:34, 8:30, … 10:00, blah blah blah… One-thousand, four-hundred thirty-nine other options from which to choose (actually, only half because they duplicate) … and the numerical universe picks NINE-ELEVEN… frickin’ 9-!-!….SMH.

On the up-side, though, if it was pre-determined to torment me with another, I’d have nothing to blog about on this fine Tuesday. Unless, of course, it was from my juvenile upside-down, hand-held pocket calculator days. Then there’d be “77:34” to pay.


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