Sole, Soul Soup

Colder than it has been, today is a blah day. “Blah” has reasons for being in my life … Simply because it’s Monday? My lack of quality sleep over the past few weeks is finally taking its toll? Diet continues to be, well, …. under performing. Stress? Hey, welcome to a positive blog!! Thanks for coming.

Every story has a beginning. That was it. Life isn’t easy most of the time. We’ve problems …. right here in River City, my friends. Not big ones, hopefully. Little ones, over time, that add up …. day after day…. until our bucket runs overeth.

Staying uber-busy isn’t the solution. I’ve tried that. Not doing a thing doesn’t work either. So, where’s the relief from the “blahs” in life?

For today, anyway, I found a solution. Soup, a large spoon, twenty minutes, and silence.

In as much as I don’t know the ingredients in the soup I found, I don’t know the reasons why I’m “blah”. Neither matter. One compliments the other. One makes the other digest better.

Life is probably one ingredient at a time. Maybe we try to do too much all at once – exhausting ourselves in the process? One day at a time. One ingredient at a time. That way, our lives can be the most delicious soup we can taste during a bleak, blah Monday when we need it the most.

…a lesson I needed to write, and taste, for myself.

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