“One Grass Two Grass”

What a neat genre. Coming from a classical background, I never fully appreciated bluegrass. Outside of the usual music gen-ed courses I was forced into, classical music was the “it” in my life. Country, rock, jazz, fusion, blues, etc … same. Wish, now, my past was different. Age has a funny way of changing perspective on a lot of things. Enter “One Grass Two Grass”.

Anthony (the bearded guy in the middle) is the son of a dear friend of mine. He’s a fiddle player and the brother of a former piano student. I’ve known this family a long time. Through tragedy and triumph, they’ve survived to see wonderful futures for all three: mom, daughter, and son.

I am forever linked, musically, to this family. From performing two solo concerts in memory of her first husband to playing the wedding of her daughter years later, I’ve known “mom” quite a while. These are the connections that matter. Connections music make.

Do yourself a favor. Look up “One Grass Two Grass” on Google. They do a lot of touring on the west coast and also have uploaded videos on the internet.

I have a special gift in my office from Anthony and, by extension, OGTG. Something they did not have to do, but did anyway.

Years ago, a family, a piano, a teacher. Today, my new respect for bluegrass, a “more wonderful” family, and a connection to a group not possible without the love of music lasting beyond any expectations.

Thank you, Anthony. Thank you, One Grass Two Grass. Keep smiles on your faces, extended breath in your words, and life in your music.

Rock on,…eeerr…..”Bluegrass” on my friends!!

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