Goats in the ‘borough

We have goats in my hometown. Never knew they were here until a good friend called the other day. He and I were “talking business” then he said, “Hey, did you know there are goats in the borough?”…

I did not. Now, I do. Thanks, John.

The next question for me is, “What do I do with this information?” …. Goats don’t bother me.

Actually, I think they’re kinda dumb.

I don’t live close enough to care about their ugliness. Practically speaking, I don’t have a kid in the fight; Nor do I live in the borough, so going to council with any complaint of a violation is useless. Besides, the attitudes on the faces of these said goats … well … scare me.

There seems to be a black one, white one, and mixed race variety. Window-sill dude oversees operations, apparently (although that would seem to be a pane). The white goat is the more photogenic of the three while twisty-three is a bit confused as to the happenings around.

Lawn care maintenance is the least of their concern as is apparently the case. There’s a trash can and an electrical box … maybe they can find their way into those for some good ‘ole fun – like – goat “light up night”, or, “Hefty bag toss with goats”… who knows?

It is interesting to see these goats around – especially at a home in the historic district – at a registered bed and breakfast. I am not a whistleblower (like I need to bring up THAT term this week 🤦🏻‍♂️)…We have beautiful homes in the area. Homes that are well maintained, lawns manicured, and folks who genuinely tend to their properties. Do goats need permits? I don’t know. Does their odor permeate the neighborhood? I don’t know.

Subject for others to consider. For me, I can only write. Goats can’t. Which is why I fear no literary retribution from these three amigos. Actually, they can’t read either. I just realized that as well.

Waaaaaait a minute…. they’re happily doing their “goatish” things and I’m up at 4:30 a.m. writing on my blog about them🤔…..

I thought I was the smarter of the four. Maybe not.

Damn goats.

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