Seldom will I post,
Write, discuss, or host
The parties of hate - of disdain.
For there is no gain
In such a discourse
Which leads to remorse

I've learned in my life
To avoid such a strife.
But, just on this day
I feel I must say:
The parties of hate in Washington - on both sides - please grow up.

Yes, you! to whom I refer
(And shall not deter)
Why the divisive intent?
You're waywardly bent...
Pro "against one another"
Not "brother for brother"

You see only race
As a way to keep pace
Of the political views
(i.e. voting block news)
Loud insanity shouts
Silent majority doubts

Do you think we are done?
THE America as one.
You see us as dum-dums.
One-and-done bums.
I hope not to be
See, we're all family.

You speak not for me
Electorally, probably.
But, not from my heart where honesty starts...
Left, Center, or Right
Dark skin, medium, or light

I'm not just one who casts an occasional vote.
I'm not just a few words in one innocent quote.
I'm an American among millions who loves all in our land
I'm one who will be fearless to take a brotherly stand.
Against all that you do to divide what we became:
A country of equality
Where we are all the same.

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