Mom. Simple.

This is my mom.
She’s gone. Miss her today.

For some reason more than many yesterdays since her passing in March of 2012.

This is my favorite picture of her.
Smiles, joy, happiness.
Simple. So simple.

How easy life was at Disney for her.
How difficult it was for her – six years later – the day she learned of her cancer.
How comforting her journey through the five years of treatment – to the day of her death.

Her daily mantra going through chemo, surgeries, sickness, hair loss, depression, anger: “Today is my new normal”
Her final words to me moments before passing: “Don’t watch me die.”

It wasn’t about her that last moment she spoke.
She was being mom.
Protecting me.
Then gone.

I miss her today. A lot.
I know why.
I loved her.
And still do.

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