I had to tell a young someone to be quiet…
and immediately thought about what I said.

In the context of being, “be” is an extraordinary word. It’s often used as part of a motivational phrase…be happy, be yourself, be YOU, or the most profound: just be.

Even single words we say including the syllable “be” – become or belief, for example – are wonderful.
What do you want to be? Rather, what does your “be” look like?

Ask a child… their answer will include “be something”. ..fireman, nurse, Spiderman.
Ask a terminal cancer patient – after years of unsuccessful treatment, and they want to “be free” to go. Ask Shakespeare … and he’s no freakin’ clue: to be, or not to be..

I figure “be” is whatever you need it to be. A dream, a way of life, a reflection, Batman, co-worker, or dear friend.

Living as a be-ing isn’t easy at all. It is, however, always about new be-ginnings… creative and well-thought out ways to “just be” in a world where being quiet is the best place to be.

That’s what I want. For you. For me. Let’s be “be” together.

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