Great Friends

My grammarly-leaning friends will quickly notice the error(s) within the quote inserted in my picture above. And, by no coincidence, in the sentence I just wrote prior to this one. Both end with the dreaded prepositions “from” and “above”. Oh, no!! I did it again!!… My most sincere apologies. I’m sure I will be forgiven. That’s what friends do, right? Normal ones, anyway. Good, wholesome, be-there-in-a-pinch-for-you friends.

I want to write about the step above friends. The ones who surprise us with amazing insight, show us our errors through our gifts – not our faults, and ignite our hopes. They are the one-among-the-many.

Where do they come from?

The easy answer is a physical location. Across town, another city, state, or county is always possible. The “smart”, so obviously comedic reply is “a mother’s womb” (waka waka). I’m more interested in the philosophical question……really. Who…or what sends an awesome friend or two to us?… Where DO they come from?

I’ve experienced great friends in the past. Still do to this day. They fascinate me. I value them more than almost anything else. I feel no discomfort telling them … truth is what truth is…

I do ask questions, though. I always will. It is hard for me to just accept. I ask the “why?”….

I am built to ask “why?”

….or, in this case “from where?” ( see, grammar sticklers?…I do know!!)

Why do I ask, “from where does a great friend come?”. Because, recently I had a conversation with a great friend. Through that, I found part of me I never knew existed. That’s why.

Short answer to “from where?”……”I don’t know”. Probably will never find the answer. I doubt in the search, if you would care to join me, we would never as well. It’s a mysterious place. All I can figure is fate has a hand in guiding the right one-among-the-many into our lives. That extra special great friend -who helps us see our better self no matter what – comes from the imagination of the unknown. And with someone so special by our side, we can overcome …

…no matter what we come up against (oh, man…I did it again!)

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