Calling the Kettle Awesome

I have a friend, Scott, who operates a Kettle Korn concession stand. I’ve known Scott a long time – mainly through another hobby of mine. He is the manager of a bowling center where I first met him years ago. Full circle…. neither he nor I were “concessionaires” at that time, but now we are. Two men. Two foodies. Two decent bowlers (I have 5 perfect “300” games …. he has a ridiculously high amount more)…but I digress.

His Kettle Korn is awesome. His bowling skills are awesome….and he’s a really cool guy.

Anyway, where is all this going? If you read my blogs or FB posts with any regularity, you’ll find my brain to be deeply engaged in philosophizing, or pandering to the pun world. There never seems to be a middle ground. This blog may be my break through!

Imagine that? A “normal” conversation with you, my own self….and all the extra voices in my head.

So, back to Kettle Korn. It’s standard fare at a fair. Easily priced and almost always available – but not always good. Scott’s is, however. I’ve had others….and then there’s his. The difference? His kettle has years of seasoning baked in…age, experience, wear, stories,…Each popped kernel is flavored from the past.

….and that’s the lesson for today. Nothing deep.

Each day of our lives is a kernel popped from a well seasoned, aged, experienced kettle. It’s simply that simple.

Thanks, Scott.

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