Our common experience is birth. That’s pretty much it. We depart ways at that point. For the remaining time until death, our individual lives twist and turn in remarkably different ways. We adapt to customs, walk through experiences, and jump over unimaginable hurdles.

Yes, we are uncommon the second after we are born. From that point forward, however, we may need help and guidance focusing our individual light on the right path.

If we’re lucky, someone will hold our hand along the way:

Could be a great friend. A “meet you where you are, close, warm, caring, come with me regardless where the road goes kind of a person”.

Could be a great mentor. A “follow my example, learn, read about my life, hear my wisdom, follow my path kind of a person”.

Could be a professional. A “look at my education and experience, study as I have, work hard, practice, and apply youself kind of a person”.

Could be a deity. A “read my book of instruction, invest your time studying my sacred book of life kind of being”.

Could be nature itself. A “Sit by be and meditate, look up and breathe deeply, stretch your arms out and embrace the flow of the creek kind of thing”.

Could be a parent. A “Here’s what I did when I was your age, disciplined, engaged, provider, loving kind of a person”.

….or, really any weird combination of the above. Whatever works for you. All or none.

Could be just you, though. Arguably, THE best “uncommon” ever born!

Holding your own hand. Being your own advocate. Your best friend, mentor. The go-to person. The one who laughs at your bad jokes and cries with you when your emotions are tired and worn to the core.

Hey, take all the hand holding help you can get from as many friends and family folks available. Life is uncommonly hard.

But, remember, you need to be you 24/7 … that’s been the plan the second you were born, so hang in there.

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