I have no idea when forever shall be,
At this moment, a fragment, or garment I see,... the cloak that I, happily, joyfully don.
Raw sits my soul I rest peace now upon.
Quietly listening, I hold my own hand.
For I am my best way forward - to do what I can.
Past steps I've taken with tattered, worn lace
Have proven to be precious, forever grace.
I wear my past proudly with no shame on my breast.
My coat of honor, slaying dragons ... my quest.
It's mine solely to wear. None other than mine.
It is pure gold. The finest of fine.
If there's a forever, a time or a place
It's a paradise wardrobe with just enough space...
To fit a whoever-cloaked heart-man like me
There shall come a moment, whenever,... to be.
When splendorous galas invite such a guest.
Presented as royalty, unlike all the rest.
A merriment of many, or an intimate few?
This forever existence is my light to get through...
...All of life's moments appearing as rags -
Which all of us wear glued with expiration tags.
So, put on your cloak of "I'm me - and I'm here"... this moment for YOU, there's nothing to fear.
We have no idea when forever shall be.
At this moment, a garment of grace that you see... the cloak that you happily, joyfully don
"Now" is sooo possible - it's what you have on.
Wear it damn proudly - as "forever" is gold.
Grace be the hands that you forever hold.
Find your forever. Find your cloaked rest.
Be cloaked in your presence...and, above all - be blessed.

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