Being Considerate

I like to consider things. For example, the “what ifs?”, “whys?”, and “huhs?” in life – (to mention a few near the top of my list). Doing so keeps my spirit fully engaged…not only with the mundane drudgery of the day to day, but also the higher, loftier air of possibilities. Both have the “what ifs?”, “whys?”, and “huhs?”. Whether my mind is embracing the expanse of our Milky Way, or my mouth is telling the same joke for the 100th time, I am caught up in considering the possibilities.

Seems a bit complicated. Really, it isn’t. It’s just me – and I’m kinda cool with it.

I’ve been asked, “Why do you need to know why?…Why is ‘why’ so important to you?”… My internal process of thinking churns through possibilities – over and over – until I come to some kind of resolution (which doesn’t always happen, btw. Case #1: slow drivers in the left lane!). That’s the “why”….I need to know. Important to me? Yes. To anyone else? Probably not.

I was raised by parents who were loving but individually quirky. I have goofy genes. I am a philosophically leaning, piano playing, fifty-something wiener salesman with two college degrees. Kinda makes anyone go: “huh…why?”

To which I reply, “Hey, y’all gotta consider the possibilities in life.”

It’s all part of my day-to-day life….and I get to tell a joke or two along the way.

Explore one “why?” in your life today. Maybe you’ll get an answer, maybe not. In either case, it’ll be well worth considering.

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