The Magic in Life

I had the pleasure of working today with this guy. To give you some context, here is my business …

I’ve owned a mobile food business since 2005, “Doug’s Dawgs”, which affords me the opportunity to work side-by-side with vendors, artists, …. and magicians. Like, David Wayne. Fascinating. Magical.

I was steady today. He didn’t have much opportunity to show off his talent, however. The crowd wasn’t formed in his favor … more leaning my way. That said, in my down time I had the time to talk with David.

To start, he knows the early -lesser known – history of Houdini, is past President of the National Society of Magicians (I may not remember the exact society name), lives in Chambersburg, and does 100 shows a year. In addition, he is a retired salesman, married a long time, and, most importantly, has inner joy when performing his craft.

You wouldn’t know my great uncle was a professional magician – “Geinger, the Magician”. Also, you wouldn’t know I dabbled as well … mostly card sleight-of-hands because of my pianist background … the cards felt soooo good in my hands. Double-lifts, Svengali decks, etc. All this to say David and I hit it off right away. Unfortunately, but necessarily so, I had to wait on customers. Otherwise, the four hours would have been spent talking David Copperfield, Mark Wilson, Dunninger’s, Houdini, and …. magic without interruption.

I woke up this morning expecting un-magical things to happen. A normal day in the heat, behind a grill, turning over my “nth+” hot dawg, smiling at my “nth+” customer, tearing down my business for the “nth+” time…

And then there was this spiritually levitating event – one which made the minutes disappear … the universe picked the right card for me today. I turned it over. It was David.

I have a feeling it knew the trick all along.

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