Tell-ya ’bout my glabella

Glabella: the space between two human eyebrows. The picture is mine. Cool, huh? I learned what it is called by reading Reader’s Digest today – the June, 2019, edition. When I was younger, this space was occupied and I had to maintain it (’nuff said) … age has taken care of that problem for me lately.

You have a glabella, I assume; otherwise, you’d have no nose and your eyes would be … well … cycloptic. I’m not anatomist, or a facial features fanatic, so I can’t “really” say 100% for sure you “should” have a glabella, but odds are …. you do. If I ever do meet a glabella-less human, I will update this post and then call Ripley. Until then … off to the point:

My grandfather collected Reader’s Digests. When he passed in early 2010, I had the pleasure of gathering up all of them for the sole purpose of saving the LAUGHTER is the best MEDICINE, HUMOR in UNIFORM, and miscellaneous other quips and quirky other stuff. Still have them saved in a folder.

I did this for two reasons. First, I like humor. Even the old jokes from the 70’s are good. Now, granted, gas-shortage and Nixon humor doesn’t resonate like it did back then. “Why did Henry Kissinger cross the road?” … “He was ‘Begin’ for a ride” .. for example, isn’t top 40 material. It kinda hits file thirteen with a soft thud now days. Kissinger who, right? The puns and word play, however, I store away in my head-file and use as necessary.

Second, and more importantly, these are memories. Memories of my grandfather who – for all intents and purposes – lived to be one-hundred years old. He lived a long life. Outliving his wife and all of his friends, he went to Silver Sneakers at the gym (probably because the guy to gal ratio was 1:25). He was a pretty simple guy.

Strange that I am now the age he was the year I was born. Oh, man, that’s such a goofy thought. Weird even to type. Almost as strange as typing the word, “glabella”.

Memories of my grandfather boil down to one thing: humor. That’s why I carefully cut out all the stuff I did. He was fun. His humor took the form of stories … I often think of him telling me about the Russians (so unfortunate that I can’t re-tell the story for you … day and age issues … insert sad face emoji here) It was so funny, original, and didn’t take offensive stabs at anyone “of the time”..

So, with an unwrinkled glabella, I close. This guy, now of a grandfather’s age, remembers a wonderful grandfather gone, now, nine years … but still alive in some silly pages clipped from Reader’s Digests.

Glabella greatness in eternity, PapPap.

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