Hondas are Probably Odd

Let’s get the math out of the way. The difference between “probability” and “odds”, according to google, is:

PROBABILITY- “The probability that an event will occur is the fraction of times you expect to see that event in many trials”

ODDS- “The probability that the event will occur divided by the probability that the event will NOT occur.”

Adding a third: “chance”.

CHANCE- “The hope that someone reads this blog (🙄🤣😉)”

Anyway, I love math. Always have. Quadratic equations fascinate me as much today as they did in school. I loved math tests. Hated history. Disliked English. Loved music. Woodshop? Don’t EVEN go there! …. ah, yes. School. No real girlfriends except,….maybe…

So, anyway…back to odds and probabilities. I didn’t crunch the numbers concerning this “happening” today that unfolded in my small universe of a life. No time. I did, however, enjoy a few moments outside the post office today.

What are the “chances”? (playing it safe here)… Maybe at some future time, I will put pen and paper to use, call my old math skills into service, and begin to postulate, propogate, and propose a probability. Until then…

….At 10 am, I found myself with a fine older fellow outside the local post office. He was leaning up against a silver Honda, smiling his way through the moment. Catching my eye, he said, “Is that your Honda parked behind this one?”….and then the fun began.

Not realizing I, too, have a very similar silver Honda, he continued, “I’ve been waiting here to meet the owner of that Honda. You see the silver Honda parked behind this one?…I mistakenly got in that one thinking it was mine. The door was unlocked, I sat down, saw it was dirty and couldn’t figure out how my car got so dirty all of a sudden…and then said to myself, ‘oh crap I’m in the wrong car’ … so I wanted to meet the owner”.

I’m not sure why(?) he wanted to meet the owner. If it was to mention the soiled nature of said automobile, THAT wasn’t going to go well. However, considering the common sense nature of this man, I think he just wanted to say “hi” …

…and feel the joy from the story he eventually told me.

I couldn’t believe the odds, probability, or chances. I had to tell him that MY similar Honda was parked across the street in the lot. He was talking to a guy with a third silver Honda – same body style, probably same year.

As well, the 2nd owner….of the 2nd the 2nd space so close by….STILL was nowhere to be found. (Actually, “probably” watching the whole episode from behind the bushes and was too embarrassed to show…).

So, two guys having a good laugh. I eventually left because the president called to get some advice on the tensions in the middle east…and I had to take the call. Ever since Batman retired, that is.

The nice fellow stayed. Waiting. Waiting to share his nice story with Honda owner #2. As I drove by a few minutes later, he was still there. I pulled over to ask if I could take a picture. He graciously agreed. As I drove away, in my rear view I saw him gently get in his car, resigned to having never met Honda owner #2. He was happy. I was happy. Owner #2…who knows??

What are the chances? Three very similar Hondas in the same place at the same time? Odd, isn’t it? Probably! I don’t know, really.

Doesn’t matter much…the math, I mean. As much as I love math, when the universe drops these little moments into my lap, it all adds up.


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