No thanks, I’ll pass AB, see?

I added an NFL logo for effect, but this post is about one man, one ego, three football teams, and a diminishing fan base who could give two snaps about any of it anymore … including me.

Of course, it is ex-Steeler, ex-Raider, & possible Patriot Antonio Brown.

This man has abused our senses – and we’ve allowed him the pleasure. This man has tortured our airwaves and data plans with selfish clown moves – with our permission. This man has demanded respect beyond what he deserves – with the media bias fervently pushing from behind for coveted advertising bling.

By those standards, he hasn’t shown ANY qualities we want from our athletes in the NFL, or, any other professional league. Regardless whether or not AB plays another down, he’s a good example of what NOT to be.

I know he’s allegedly been tied up in legal issues apart from football. I’m almost sure there are some problems, concerns, and things going on in his life complicating the waters. I get that. Collectively, we get that. For most, though, the compassion and empathy ends at about the $50,000 mark of his multi-million dollar net worth. At that point, we tire of his antics.

So, AB, I hope your helmet fits perfectly wherever you end up …. because the protection between your head games and your non-existent fan base is quickly loosening.

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