Texas gold’en

Have a group of friends I’m thankful to be around a few evenings a week. We sit around odd shaped tables, eat goofy food, toodle around with funny looking things called chips, laugh, strategize (or, think we do anyway), and simply enjoy one another.

This cluster ranges in age from mid 20’s to early 90’s…..yes, I typed “early 90’s”!!…All body shapes and sizes are represented. All different skill levels, humor tolerances, appetites for deep conversations, piss-off-abilities, chip stack adeptnesses are represented as well. Overall, a fine cross section of the American experience.

And that’s why I love to play the game: Texas Hold-em.

Two in the hole, one burn, three flop, one burn, turn, one burn, river,…interspersed with calls, bets, chip stacks, pot odds, implied odds, raises, folds, reads, frustrations, joys, downs, ups, ……

Within this group, I do have a few really good friends. They are special. They are why – after working hours in the heat … on my feet – I make the effort to show up. It’s not the chips, free food, 52-assorted inanimate cards, or possible straight flush…it’s knowing my good friends will be there to pick on me a bit, support my hectic life, and let me ride the crazy train a little with them.

Most play the Texas Hold-em game. I play Texas gold-en because, to me, life can only be the game we decide it to be….and that game can’t be played alone.

How freakin’ boring would THAT be! Now, shuffle up and deal.

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