"One Day at a Time"

  • Bumble Be Big

    May 29, 2021 by

    “Bumble”. He’s 14 months young, … and huge. Walking by his rather small car cradle the other day outside Sam’s Club, I was drawn to Bumble’s puppy face. You would’ve been, too, had the owner’s permission been granted in your favor as well. The kind gentleman loading boxes of goodies into the back of a… Read more

  • Eleven Windows

    February 12, 2023 by

    We are in the middle of a major renovation. Our sanctuary no longer has carpet, pews, or an alter gracing its space on the corner of Union and Allegheny. Wooden sub-floors, a tightly sealed organ, and chandeliers will greet you if visiting in your future. Bare it is – as it should be. Our planning/renovation… Read more

  • It’s Christmas Eve, After All

    December 25, 2022 by

    It’s Christmas Eve. 5:24, to be exact. I am sitting on my little red chair beside the organ at Zion Lutheran Church. A break in the service as a sermon is about to begin. No worries. I have two more services tonight to catch up with the Pastor’s message. Already, I have almost missed the… Read more

  • Franco, Mom, and Me

    December 22, 2022 by

    When the news came, I was shocked – just as you most likely were. He was a legend in Western Pennsylvania. Still is. His unexpected death has not changed anyone’s opinion of this man’s accomplishments on, and off, fields of play and business. He is Franco … the only black and gold #32 most of… Read more

  • Why This and Not That?

    November 7, 2022 by

    Over the course of a normal life, what happened last night was insignificant. At the moment, however, the difference between bowls of Italian wedding soup and chili was noteworthy. I ordered chili and then immediately regretted my decision once a bowl of wedding soup sat deliciously next to me … to be supped up by… Read more

  • Kim’s Path

    October 22, 2022 by

    Three kids. I know, these three … again. They’re just so easy to write about behind a standard Samsung tap-away screen. My thumbs gladly take time away from their piano playing, hot dawg slinging duties to grace in one word at a time. It’s a joy. Today, however, isn’t about what’s behind this phone or… Read more

  • Our Infinite Blade of Grass

    October 18, 2022 by

    I find the universe an unending source of fascination. From the kuiper belt inward and outward toward distances unknown with red shifting celestial objects, all of it hugs my never-ending intrigue of infinity. I am not Neil deGrasse Tyson brilliant by any means, nor do I possess the brain-wares close to an Einstein. What is… Read more

  • Point to the Wonder

    October 16, 2022 by

    Smiles coming to life. On faces of children, on a big yellow balloon, wide open happy expressions appear across a field of green. Pointing to the wonder of it all, one little soul decided it was – truly was – a moment in time to celebrate. “Look! LOOK … share this lucky, merry moment with… Read more

  • Reaching at Leaves

    October 9, 2022 by

    While walking past all-so familiar store fronts during an early afternoon fall walk, I was pleasantly struck by a few descending leaves. One landed on my shoulder, two bounced off shuffling shoes on their way to their own off-day destinations. All reminders that fall had arrived. A late straggler hung in the breeze. I followed… Read more

  • A Toddler’s Playground

    July 23, 2022 by

    That distinctive aroma of gravy and turkey spun its way around the corner of our old kitchen into a small dining room. A traditional Thankgiving meal was almost on the way. Mom, of course, would be the last to arrive at a table with an informally placed, odd selection of chairs seating a similarly odd… Read more

  • The Lowry Estate Lesson

    July 16, 2022 by

    Yesterday, I missed a turn and the town. How this happened is really nobody’s business – except to say everyone I asked to help confirmed my suspicions: The landmark I was looking for existed in my brain – just not anywhere Google maps was sending me. Why have I decided to share this seemingly mundane… Read more

  • 31 Flags

    July 14, 2022 by

    I don’t know most of their stories. Every day, for a few minutes, I stood on warm concrete slabs as individual flags folded into summer breezes. Quiet imaginations filled my head while honoring local heroes. They made an impression on a digital camera phone and a daily memory for me. Their names etched in black… Read more

  • Catchin’ Fireflies

    June 5, 2022 by

    How crazy to think it’s been a while since sitting here at my desk, typing in words, instead of running around making life happen. Hours buzz by. If it wasn’t for a message coming over the Meta-network on my phone, an event would be less meat and cheese tomorrow. I, quite simply, forgot – and… Read more

  • The Key to Mother’s Day

    May 8, 2022 by

    If this was the way: I’d play one note. One magical press of a key – either black or white of the 88 – that would bring mom back to us.Not just my musical, happy, funny mom … but your mom as well if you are holding dear memories today.This I would do. For me.… Read more

  • Angelic Happiness

    May 8, 2022 by

    Mankind has searched for happiness. Satisfaction in life has been the elusive carrot at the end of millennial sticks held by so many. What, truly, IS the secret to contentment? I am close to two-thirds through this life experience of mine … and, I am not holding my stick any closer to that magical orange… Read more

  • Wilson, the Furry Volleyball

    May 1, 2022 by

    Gotta ask. When you saw that title, did the movie, “Cast Away”, come to mind? If I’m the only one who – after being introduced to this little fluff ball – immediately thought of the red-handed, partially deflated volleyball, then I will humanely bask gladly, alone, on a solitary island … as long as she… Read more

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