Eleven Windows

We are in the middle of a major renovation. Our sanctuary no longer has carpet, pews, or an alter gracing its space on the corner of Union and Allegheny. Wooden sub-floors, a tightly sealed organ, and chandeliers will greet you if visiting in your future. Bare it is – as it should be. Our planning/renovation committee is hard at work making sure this stripped down space is, once again, colorfully clothed again shortly after Easter. We hope.

Yes, we hope. Up to this point, there have been some snags in the planning carpet. Nothing major, of course … anyone would expect some nicks and snickers. We worship, now, in our fellowship hall anticipating all goals meet a spiritual bulls-eye center a few months from now. We plan as if it is up to us, however, meditate because it is up to a greater force to decide how and when we will sit in that beautiful space once again.

… and a beautiful space it is. Eleven windows, with the sun’s daylight help, dance colors across wood floor sub-panels, paint fumes, and scaffolding. The unfolding of the gospel story, one stained glass panel at a time, is beautifully told through multiple vivid and dramatic pieces … meticulously placed for generational reflection.

They stand in watch awaiting our return.

We will go back within a few months recognizing the artistry that has been there all along. Steady and unchanging – these will be stalwart around new pews, carpet, and a paint hue not too far from what was already on the walls. These windows haven’t changed. They have a new border color, however, as a black onyx trim hugs each.

I’ve paused a few times … standing among disassembled scaffolding and turpentine odors late in the afternoon. Three large walls and eleven windows. Windows and walls, I’ve seen close to six decades now, speak quiet words across a very empty, large space every time I visit. I’ve heard these windows speak a message. The essence is one of eternal beauty in the midst of renewal.

These windows are us.

We are beautiful. We are, at our core, eleven unchanging, colorful, vibrant windows. Our sanctuary, this body shell we use to house our windows, is always changing, renovating.

Our windows are compassion and love for others, self-acceptance, creativity, honesty,
generosity, humility in the service of others,
optimism, patience, and sympathy &
empathy when appropriate. All of these
shine through our sanctuary that changes
and bends through problems faced and solved days, weeks, months at a time.

We are those eleven windows inside. They are us. There for generations, I finally saw them inside myself after seeing them outside for close to these six decades of life.

We should always work on our sanctuaries – keep renovating, changing. The beautiful, vibrant windows always allowing the light out, and in, for the benefit of others, and perhaps ourselves, will always be here to remind us we should never lose hope.

Compassion and love for others, self-acceptance, creativity, honesty,
generosity, humility in the service of others,
optimism, patience, and sympathy &

Eleven windows for a post-Easter celebration at Zion. Better yet, … anytime, anywhere, for any reason.

A renovation renewal for one … but for all.

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