Perfect Beginning

Sunrises are appearing before me lately. New days are happening. One star out of 100 thousand million in our Milky Way galaxy didn’t have me in mind when it exploded into existence 4.6 billion years ago. To be fair, I wasn’t thinking about the sun too much until early Thursday morning inside the Black Dog café. It’s been brightening my thoughts since that wonderful morning 48 hours ago.

Today, the heavenly, horizontal line of morning glow in this picture caught my attention. No wonder. It’s through the camera eye of a friend who captures the most amazing pictures of her children. If there’s one among many reasons for sunrises, this is it. As per her description: “This moment was perfection.”

I agree with her as far as I am able. Little ones of my own have not blessed my life. Apple juice and coffee moments with children who would call me “dad” aren’t part of my life’s story. Blanketed ripples – covering small yet-to-be exploring legs – reflect a unique morning warmth between a parent and child. I can imagine that warmth, but have not nestled in its presence.

Off in the distance, our sun understands this moment. Huggable light surrounds a mug of apple juice and a little one who appreciates the joy in a simple sip of morning pleasure. She gets it. Her mom sees it as well, … the delight in a child’s simplicity and innocence – a sit-in-a-chair life that will, someday, experience difficult shadows through which she will need to step.

For now, however, a perfect moment.

An effortless, tree-protected frame when all of time stops just long enough for a mom to appreciate what surrounds her. A daughter. A sun’s 92 million miles morning hug and her own warm mug of coffee. Connections to what matters between a daughter and mom. A now moment. A portrait of perfection for two forever friends who will continue to capture more early morning sunrises in golden hair.

We can look forward to our own sit down times – a sunrise in the distance and a mug of tea between our palms. Moments when our challenging adult life shuts down and we can simply be “us” again … connecting with someone we loved who is no longer with us, but standing there taking a picture. A gentle heart who knew us, cared about our realness, and nurtured our goodness stands by our side to appreciate the perfection of the moment. We may not see it, but it’s there. We, ourselves, aren’t perfect. The moment is. The connection is.

In as much as loss has been hard lately for me and some of my close friends, all of us know connections are not lost. We may find ourselves at ease with a warm cup of coffee and, maybe, seek comfort in sweet apple juice inside a mug. We take comfort knowing that other person is by our side as we close our eyes and remember their time with us. They are never gone. That is perfection.

A mother and daughter have a long life together, now. It is to be cherished and hugged for as many sunrises allow. The sun gave it to them as the day unfolded. Tree branches protected her the whole way across the sky and the fog stayed off in the distance to show reverence of the moment. Morning was unfolding for two. The day had a beginning. Perfect.

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