Light-Hearted Reading

We need to reconsider the phrase, “light-hearted” once more .  Seriously. Reintroduce this twelve letter duo again in our meditations over bowls of fresh fruit and granola instead of grinding into the daily news so much. This would ease our societal anxieties a bit, I feel.  

It is only a feeling, however, and I am a bit hesitant injecting feelings into the current body-politic these days.  Nerves are shot. 

Six weeks ago it began. Everyone listened.  Nobody knew. The time was … still.

Today, feelings are different. Long arms of state government, to some, have over-reached.  Loudly stomping feet with mandates are exhaustingly quiet. They came … a-marching into homes and businesses with proclamatory trumpets blaring, “We must … for all” and are now a fading echo.  That parade is now going down the street of soon-to-be reopened businesses who’s proprietors are tired of the noise. They are worn down, near bankruptcy, and too many times have shuffled through the emotional deck of cards handed to them by over-promising, stimulus carrot, stick hangers.

Yes, the body-politic is wearing out.  We are as well. Our body is designed to take only so much.  After 76 ½ years or so, it’s bye-bye for most of us, right? Not to be gloomy here, but isn’t that what we’re told over and over? Average life spans: actuary tables predicting our years here on this spinney rock until the eternal sucking sound calls us away.  

Now we’re on this merry-go-round – daily horsey, “possibly catch the COVID-19 ring” carnival ride.  Are we, or aren’t we, a-symptomatic carriers ..? Is there a premature end to our trip around the sun in our near future?  What are the real numbers and data? Who is telling the truth and why is Bill Gates so important, anyway?

Just asking the questions here.  Which is why “light-hearted” must be seriously considered.  We cannot live like this. We won’t survive it. Heck, if the past 45 days is any guide, we’re alone in the jungle of ideas. Mumbo-Java Jim scooted off the path days ago, leaving us to navigate our way around these muddy footprints left by those ahead who left mere bread crumbs of misinformation and ever-changing ugly models we can’t stand to look at, anyway.

Time to put our fist down and declare today as “No Heavy Heart Day!” … We have this fist-sized little 10-12 ounce muscle pumping 3 billion times in an average lifetime to keep us moving.  For the average American, that’s about one-third % of his/her weight. We have 1.5 gallons of blood circulating through this precious muscle as well … that’s roughly 12 lbs., or 7% of our average weight.  Weight!,..There’s more!!… Not really. I just like the pun.

We have a light heart, so why not be light-hearted? It’s so important to our life – having this little less-than-a-pound, really important partner inside working 60-80 times every minute, every day … so we can pound away at our supposed important tasks. 

Political, social, environmental, economical, health, familial, religious, medial causes … are all salient in our minds – and should be.  Never should we dismiss or set aside what call us to action. It is important to be a warrior for the injustices we recognize.

Times are-a changing so I propose – over my now soggy bowl of cheerios – to recommit a few daily, masked, anxiety-laden “What if I am a carrier?”, or, “These mandates are driving me nuts!” to … “light-hearted”, “I’m ok” moments. Every moment of every awake day can’t be under stress during this ever-changing, less-than informational, 24 hours bombardment of news we really don’t need. All of us are ridiculously burdened with our own over-saturated lives. Our hearts are full. Our little pumpers are doing the best they can.

Laugh at the goofy squirrel in the yard.  Go chase a bunny. I don’t know. Whatever seems silly to you. I have a Ty bird called KuKu I talk to.  Don’t judge me. Just because he talks to me doesn’t mean I’m crazy … if it continues long-term, I’ll consider professional help.  For now, though, he keeps me light-hearted a few minutes each morning. I’ll take it.  

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