Our Governor, Crying Wolf

THE one reason we were given to stop everything was to “flatten the curve”, remember? We had to do our part. In Blair county, we are doing what we can … and it’s not going well. Folks are following the social distancing guidelines better, but masking has been atrocious … AND despite this, I’m not seeing numbers increasing. They should be going up because a lot of people around here aren’t believers.

One of two things is happening: #1) the numbers AREN’T going up, or, #2) the numbers ARE and not being reported. Now, if Governor Wolf wants to keep issuing these increasingly oppressive, rights-infringing orders, SOMEONE better get some real information out – and fast.
There is an increasing impatient undertone afoot around here. Seeing a random comment on FB from an ER nurse mentioning his/her patient count doesn’t warrant belief in a specific, accurate county-wide number with all due respect given.

Overall PA numbers don’t influence much of the attitude here in western/central PA, apparently. Until it hits home and gets real, unfortunately, we will have a general malaise and lack of concern.

Bigger, densely populated cities are apt to take this seriously as they are overwhelmed with cases, people, and attitudes. Friends returning from larger cities report a vast difference in attitudes and approaches toward the mitigation of the COVID-19 virus.

Not so much here. Show the “real” – (if it is here) … not the expected or the “model”. Until then, you’ll probably get more of the same.

It’s been 30 days of forced closures, unemployment, stress, depression, home-schooling, government over-reach, devastating economic collapse, extreme political division, and soul searching. These are the real things happening in every county, in every state, not just in Pennsylvania.

I know my fellow Commonwealthers understand this. I do. They’re just a stubborn bunch of conservative folk.

Today, orders came down from our state capitol requiring all customers and workers to mask. The requirements are more detailed than this, but you get the point. Anyone not obeying the orders will be denied entry. Simple, right?

All this as an additional response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, obviously. The seemingly daily ordeal pushed in front of our conscious every breathing moment. A knee-jerk reaction as seen by those politically opposed to the Governor, and a move beneficial to society for those aligned.

As expected.

So we sit in limbo, in our homes, under lock and key, eating pretty much the same meals every day … taking only intermittent showers. Awaiting the next order from Harrisburg, we wait while the numbers stay pretty much the same.

I don’t want to do this anymore. Show me why I’m supposed to ramp up my efforts, obey another order while others are not, and yet continue to stare into a flat-lined chart of hardly ever increasing cases. We are already into the 11th day of the 14 days of “death” you, Gov. Wolf in sheep’s cloth, warned us about last Monday.

I believed you then. Less so now. So much less.

Me thinks boy Wolf is crying way too much for my taste these days. Run sheep, run.

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