Coordinating Truth

Following is a Facebook post of mine from 3/8/2020. Just feeling a bit frustrated at the moment. Should any replies/comments post in the coming days, I will update as needed.

Full faith and confidence that we, as a country, are going to get through this Covid-19 thing – with a few bumps along the way – and it’ll all be ok.

There are mixed messages all over the place, which is more disturbing to me than the virus itself. What happens after the coronavirus settles out of our memories is where my mind goes.

There’s a bigger picture here. This isn’t an isolated Trump vs Democrats vs his administration vs the media vs medical experts thing. It’s all of the above. There is literally NO coordinated effort from anyone, anywhere to help us understand what’s going on. All we hear is who is, apparently, right .. who is making decisions, and who is, theoretically, in charge of “something” … I don’t know who to trust. Period.

And THAT’S the bigger picture here. What IF we have a larger, national problem than an irritating virus (with all due respect to the loss of life and apparent severity of this virus)?… The Covid-19 infection has lifted the lid on the complete inefficiency and inability of Washington to “come together” for our benefit. Meaning, put someone out front who speaks truth … backing it up with facts we can trust .. and don’t undermine said person. Give us daily updates, procedures and policies. Simple, right?

I know. I know. Apologists please don’t give me reasons on either side. I’m not interested. The system isn’t working. If it was, confused messages wouldn’t be spreading faster than the virus itself. I’m not a hater. Your views politically, although valuable, aren’t necessary for purposes of this post. This isn’t politics. It’s Washington as a whole.

Everyone is at odds with everyone. Half the country hates President Trump, so he’s not the answer. The other half think Democrats are lousy … that’s not going to work. Medical experts are tossed aside like yesterday’s news and talk show commentaries and silly mask memes are held up as gospel.

We need to start coordinating truth in our country. Should a more serious time come when we need to come together as one for an extended period of time, we need each other AND a leader all of us can trust. We need everyone under one umbrella of single-minded thinking or we’re not going to make it.

For now, we’ll be ok. I suspect for the short-term all will remain in place. For the sake of our children, however, can we please get our national house in order? Radical politics and the marginalization of basic human decency is beginning to undermine my trust in any message I hear from Washington.

One thought on “Coordinating Truth

  1. Agreed!! I would love to see a public health specialist with experience handling widespread viruses take the lead. We need to get our act together before we find ourselves like Italy.


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