Precious Space

**We can’t see her eyes. though our eyes are drawn in to the magic of this moment. Two best friends. Protectors and inventors of each other’s imaginations. One becoming the other – in the shadow of a tree – overlooking the black and white of a barn in the distance. Inside that building, friends go about their day tending to their animals. Feeding, grooming, caring.

We can’t see their eyes, either. That’s ok. Maybe, off in the distance, they are getting a glimpse of this gentile girl and her dog sitting under the sun … pausing for the beauty of this moment as well.

I don’t think any of this matters to these angels. One big, soft and furry, the other yellow bow-tied, curly blond, and sweet. The precious space they share is theirs. And theirs alone. We are just observers of the magic. It is theirs to experience and ours to see and believe. They are asking us to believe in the moment.

Her little right hand is calming the earth, saying, “It’s going to be ok.” Smiles in return from her friend as reassurance. Knowing and believing in each other. Trust. Love. Comfort. Innocence.

What conversations they must have? What simple words they use, and understand?

If any of us tried to understand the magic, we’d be disappointed in the outcome. Our logic and reason would tamp down the enchantment. Our angels are not asking us, in this moment, to understand … just believe. Simply, come into their world without any adult explanations or “excuses for”….not for a lifetime … only for a short time. They know we need our time-outs from the adulting we find ourselves in all the time. That is what they see in our eyes.

A simple picture and a simple message: Don’t lose the precious spaces offered in your life when little angels offer them.


**I know the family from where this picture came. They were so gracious to give me permission for its use. Today wasn’t going to be a long post. I assumed this when I saw the picture because it is such a simple message. She is a wonderful little girl and is part of a special family. Thanks to K and B C !!

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