A Please Read

It’s outside what is considered normal for me to write a blog such as what I am about to do. My fingers hurt as I type, but these words are necessary … and I am not viewed as normal, anyway.

This will be a very short announcement.

In light of the difficulty in communicating “Two-point-three-billon-plus-one … oh, and the two and three are actual numbers whereas all the others are words” when responding to, “What is your blog address?” … I’ve decided to re-domain this blog.

WordPress, my host, and I have been diligently chatting, via little-square-box, and all necessary other boxes are checked. Nothing will be changing except my domain address going forward. Email notices should still be arriving to all subscribers, but you will notice the new address, not “2.3 Billion Plus One”.

I am sad to let go of my baby. He’s just to big to hold … and a mouthful to say. I am still in ownership of same, just maintained as a secondary domain.

Once I receive word http://www.DougHugs.com is clear, it will be my new site address going forward. Quite possible this has happened already. Same content. Same goofy me. Much, much easier to say and pretty much within normal as I can be for now.

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