Well, So much For Just Facebook

My “non-blog” thought for the day: Our human to human connections are wonderful … Especially when we suddenly realize something very familiar and remarkably similar in our past was a shared experience. Those “Oh, you too?” moments are so special. I’ve experienced them and am open to many more – should life be so kind – because life can close in so fast with day-to-day annoyances. We may feel alone in the “today” of our trouble, but somewhere there is another who will, someday, say of today, “Oh, you too?”. So, hang in there.

At roughly 4:10 EST, I posted that reflection on Facebook and intended for it to stay solidly there, and nowhere else, as a reminder of excellent social connections. My intention, however, cleverly disguised itself as a fuzzy puppy patiently swooshing his young tail across the kitchen floor… waiting only so long for the “go” order. A treat of the tie-in “Oh, you too?” moment” balanced on the end of his steady nose. Three hours later, a diversion of coincidence once again found a way into a human connection – becoming blog worthy at that moment. A chance meeting after a rather normal church service during an average first weekend in February.

There’s not much fabric in the lobby of our church. Aside from the padded bench against the wall where we stood talking, most of the material is in the sanctuary. Louder speaking can echo a bit because of the stark nature, so I try to speak softly when mentioning others’ problems, lack of humor, or ugly outfits. It’s a brief gathering of wits after a Saturday service that I must attend to disperse my familiar brand of sarcasm upon the fortunate few. As I am the service pianist/organist, it is my duty … err … pleasure to mix in with the post-worship faithful. It is an assembly of the hardly any on their way forward, this evening, into a Superbowl weekend filled with merriment, hot wings, and beer.

Within the mix tonight was “someone“. A kinda-regular. A person I’ve known a short while, but long enough to say, comfortably, it seems like I’ve known longer than a short while. Got it? We have a musical connection through the black and white 88. Our story could end there, but then there’s the lobby. A place where I found a trinket of information I never knew previously undisclosed in prior encounters with said someone. (Admittedly, that has to be one of the most confusing sentences I’ve ever written. I ain’t changin’ it. You know what I mean!).

The stark, solid space became an expanse where the fabric of connections began to weave a tapestry. Silly words between five people narrowed into two talking for a few extra minutes in an entrance hallway. Words about writing, creating, and blogs. The “go” order of an earlier intention.

We discussed the relevancy of a gender bias “hulk”. Is there a female form for same? I offered up a possible alternative www address for this blog site which was met with expected dubiousness; Yet, at the same time, said skeptics were starting to type, “www.Iamahulk.com” into their search boxes as I proudly declared this to be my blog address.

On the more serious side, our “Oh, You too?” moment extended into continued communication concerning possible self-publishing, etc… There’s a shared interest in blogging as “someone” does as well. As a published author, this person extended the kind hand of experience to me should I ever endeavor to do it (oh, how I’ve waited to use those two words side by side … so poetic and just glide off the tongue!).

I’ll take the untroubled moments for now and enjoy the treat. That treat being a wonderful, unexpected conversation with a connected, interested friend. I don’t need anything much more than that for now. My thanks to “someone” out there who/whom I suspect, being a more educated grammarian than I, knows which one to use.

One thought on “Well, So much For Just Facebook

  1. Well said! I especially enjoyed your description of “the fabric of connections began to weave a tapestry.” So very true! As one weaves that tapestry with threads of different colors and thickness, the weaver creates a unique and beautiful work of art, something which brings contentment and joy. Keep weaving and blogging, Doug!


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