It Is Finished

I’m not a writer who assumes anything. I thought, at 3 a.m. I’d still be dreaming about a lovely blue and white middle-eastern vase in the process of being sold, but stolen by dice-yielding thieves. This was my dream story fifteen minutes ago before being rudely interrupted by a full bladder. I cannot assume anything … not a complete 6-8 hours sleep or solving the mystery of “who” absconded with the vase.

…And I won’t assume any faith life of a reader by posting the following:

The Bible says in John 19:30, “When he had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.”

I cite the above for three simple words in a quite elegant phrase, “It is finished”. Most times I like to show, not tell, when writing. In that sentence, alone, I broke one of the cardinal rules of good writing, I suspect: Show, don’t tell. But, hey, I never claimed to breathe the same air as any of the greats. I’m just a thumb pusher – sometimes finger clacker – who enjoys blogging and sharing my world with you. Today, January 27th, one day after, asks for less flowery words. I will answer so.

Yesterday. January 26th. International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. This paragraph, alone, needing no more words.

Today’s post, as well, requiring fewer words than normal out of respect for well over 10 million heartbeats never given a chance.

Yesterday. January 26th. I opened my mailbox to find a small package from the U.K. . It came from special friends, Anna and Ian. They have been working closely with me, virtually hand-in-hand … (tirelessly through emails and check-ins)… to complete a large WW2 set of cards. The package yesterday was special. Four cards inside completed this set. It is finished* (I’ll explain the asterisk in a minute…)

Here are the numbers, boring as they may be: 2,544 cards. I started in 1977 through a subscription service when they arrived in packs of 24 one/week. Realizing only lately I was missing a few random cards and, unfortunately, a couple whole packs, the search was on…

… and ended yesterday. I’m short one or two extra items(*), but the base set of cards is done. Finished – with so much patience, care, and professionalism from my good friends in the U.K..

Yesterday. January 26th. A package arrived giving me closure – on a day our world remembered the worst crime against humanity. A package, ironically, having four cards allowing me to remember that very war where unspeakable evil was visited upon millions of undeserving, unknown friends.

My completed set isn’t valuable to anyone except me. Certainly it pales in comparison to the value of those precious lives long since extinguished in the service of degenerate, vile Nazi recreation.

I must assume, actually insist, we never allow this to happen again to a single person. EVER. AGAIN. No more additional Remembrance Days happening the same time I go to my post office box. No more hate. Let’s, together, lock arms across all races, nationalities, and genders … and speak aloud in a unified voice, “It is finished”.

Ever so grateful for the opportunity to share today, January 27th, with you.

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