When life is over, it is finished.  All the hoping and stressing ceases to be.  Time remains constant, however, for those we loved left behind.  They remain to despair or rejoice over our absence.
Before life was for us, all desires and tensions belonged to those alive.  They were joyous in their blessed accounts or despondent among gatherings of friends.
In between is us – our lifetimes.  These are overlapping spans of years blended on the corners of an artist’s imagination by passing experiences.  All the real dreams and disappointments mixed so tightly together we cannot escape the gallery of each other’s pains and pleasures.  Surprisingly beautiful are the dreadful times. Wonderfully elegant the magnificent moments.
In the trio of time – past, present, and future, – never forgotten are the colors of love. This is time best represented.
Since time is all you have, love yourself as no one can.  For this is a palette of colors representing self-compassion in your failures, tolerance of choices, and faith forward in dreams.
Take the empty canvas leaning on self-acceptance and begin to create a masterpiece that is your life on this day.  Some walking by will casually glance at your paint soaked hands and move on not understanding what they see. Those who do stop to consider your story and wonder about what inspires you are part of your world.  They are there. Truly seeing the colors. One with you at that moment. Give them an experience. Hand them a brush, perhaps, and let them mix in a few colors with you so they may be a now and a hope with you.
That small time with you is their time as well.  It is their present for you.
Love is the meaning in this time together… in all time, too.  Passing through today is more for others, not us.  When today is finished, all the wishing and worrying ceases to be.  Time remains constant when our brushes are cleaned for another day. Time, ever so steadfast, urges forward for those we colored.  They will despair or rejoice over our absence.
Have it be they rejoice, not despair. Love the colors. Love the painting they painted on their hearts while in your presence. In them, then, you’ll see the love you have for yourself … something that is timeless. Just like love itself.

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