It’s not about **

This is a tough one today. Not the usual blog entry.

Seen shuffling along a building today was an elderly man, mid-to-late seventies/possibly eighties, sturdily holding on to each side of a walker, slouched over with his wife gently guiding his guarded steps from behind. The pace was slow – as expected. No hurry. The days of rush-around were gone as his life seemed to be in the final cloud of a lifelong weather pattern. Days of sunshine, thunderstorms, snow, wind, fall, summer, … life.

His buzz cut so recognizable. Suspenders. Bluejeans, as expected, elevated two inches above normal belt height … and two inches of white socks showing above the tops of brown shoes, below the jeans, validating such. Overall sole to hairtop height, probably five feet. One of the nicest men you’d ever meet.

“Fussy Pants”. He never knew this was a nickname given him at one time – briefly. Years ago, an acquaintance attached this moniker to him. Her path crossed his. The experience colored in the lines of her black and white world as it was lived at that moment with him. Yes, he most likely is still very particular about “this and that”… She moved on and the nickname faded into memory.

Today was another day for him. Measured steps wearing down shoes from constant skating along tough, rough pathways. Taking precious minutes of time out of life for a few feet of distance. Nothing for granted.

This, today, was not unfamiliar, however. It was home. This was a connection to familiar. The building he knew well. Life shuffled the deck and dealt him a few good hands. He played the cards well and could certainly enjoy the walk around today – even if by shiny, slow walker. It was a good day.

This is a building where a man supported his family running a successful small business. To this day, businesses thrive at this location. There is a personal connection to this address…and to “fussy pants”.

He is unique. His home – only a block or two away – is immaculate. Small, unassuming, and quaint as you would assume, it meets and exceeds expectations of someone who has high standards for himself.

This has been a tough one. Ending on a positive note. Not the usual blog post. Wishing the best in the years to come for those who shuffle along in life.

The goal today? Observing the obvious today, realizing the inevitabilities, and writing about others’ struggles was the goal.

…and avoid using any first person singular, plural, possessive, or subjective pronouns.

It’s not about **. It’s about you. A life to be lived now. Him. All the other pronouns in life. The writer, for now, will rest in the silence of words unspoken.

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