Head’s Up

At times, there are no words.

A simple walk in the deep jungle, alone, gives rise to whispered silence louder than the loudest loud.

Those who walk among this emotionally forested abyss hear depression, sadness, loneliness, criticism, and fear inside their head.

There are no words of encouragement, or hope, heard from the reaching canopy above.

Path forward – same footprints past. Comfort in dysfunction, distress in change. All in silence.

And then, one day, the path ends.

It doesn’t need to, but it does for some who walk in increasing darkness. Efforts and intentions fail. Alternative pathways to healing and enlightenment go astray. The nature of a human soul binds to habit and won’t let go. The sadness of a reality we must face when a life is gone way too soon.

Be awake to the possibilities of someone close sauntering down the lonely path. It isn’t always obvious. They will not be holding a sign asking for help.

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