The Warmth of Ice Cream

This is about 2/3 of a gallon. Neapolitan: strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla.


Three weeks ago it was a full tub. I’m surprised only 1/3 is gone considering the speed at which sweets disappear around here. This tub takes up a lot of room in the freezer. Sorry to say, the healthy fish and veggies have been sacrificed, albeit temporarily, to accommodate this rather large tub of deliciousness.

A few spoonfuls at a time – just a spoonful of sugar – helps the medicine of life go down (right, Julie?)… and the pink, brown, and white together are, simply, perfect.

I didn’t buy this tub. The man that did always buys too much. He means well. He really, really does. I think he either expects everyone to eat a bigger portion of ice cream than they ever did at any point in their life, or, he wasn’t good at math in school. Whatever the case, the intent is sincere – and my ever increasing waist line thanks him, sarcastically, for it…

I’m was chocolate only guy ’cause mom was. She never strayed from that dedication. Very seldom did she make, say, neapolitan cookies, or black-and-white cookies. It was always chocolate chip. Period. Chocolate no bakes. Period. Etc….

She was all-in life. Probably too much so. Neapolitan ice cream – even one spoonful – would not have crossed her lips, though.

I got my “all-in” life personality from her for sure… and it has created some problems … and some wonderful moments, too. Good and bad.

I’m living a neapolitan life for me ….. in way she never wanted to live for herself. This life I have made for myself is probably the best way for me to honor her memory.

…and that’s worth another spoonful of deliciousness.

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