Sagittarius Santa

Perhaps I bought a local paper because I like working the crossword puzzle for a few minutes, or, was so bored for fifteen minutes and had nothing better to do over a ham sandwich…and wanted to read the obits. Regardless, my eyes roamed over to the horoscope page …. and there it was. Sagittarius. My hopes, dreams, and future all nicely wrapped up in around thirty-five words.

How cool.

Someone somewhere, somehow, knew my destiny. I’ll bet they even foresaw light mayo on my ham sandwich as well. How fortuitously fortunate for me, right?

So. That’s that. Settling up with my waitress and horoscope read, I headed out across town to test the theory. Looking for cats, waves, and talking flowers… I guess. Onward I went to translate sensations.

My first encounter was a man on a bench. Let’s just say that didn’t go well. He didn’t want his sensations translated.

Next vision? A half-used cigarette crunched against the curb. Flicked, apparently, in haste as it seemed an unfinished, unsatisfactory drag by the user. Again, didn’t seem like my “fate” for the day…

A few paces ahead … a beat up Ford parked the wrong way facing south in a space beside a north bound lane. Wow! That’s exciting!!

Once more – my fate dashed aside in the trash bin of hopelessness – mulch strewn, out of place across the sidewalk. Ugh. Despair .. and then I saw it. I mean “I SAW IT”!!!

“Santa” baby! My miracle. In chalk (or some permanent inkish-whitish scrawly stuff) ..etched on the pavement; Presumably from nine months prior to the day tomorrow? Who the hell knows?

Don’t care. It’s SANTA BABY. My fate. My cat. My wave. My parlance of posies. Well, for today anyway. Tomorrow it’ll be trolls, oranges, or female robots. But, I digress.

Now, to interpret as my horoscope demands I do.🤔

Santa gives gifts. Love that!

Santa wears red and is jolly. Love that!

Santa has lots and lots of toys. Love that!

Santa works only one day a year. Love, love, LOVE that!!

Santa uses no CO2 emissions to pollute the air, but his reindeer fart. Kinda on the fence about this one…

Santa loves children of all ages, races, nationalities, disabilities, etc… Love that!

Santa lets us use our imaginations. Love that!


Santa lasted over two-hundred days on the pavement so a Sagittarian could write a blog about how wonderful reading a horoscope could be. Even a random newspaper purchase – while eating a ham sandwich – could turn into something to love.

Thanks, Santa. I’ll set out some cookies (or maybe a ham sandwich with mayo for you) because I think you wrote the horoscope after all.

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