Things happen…like misspelled words. Intentional as they may be for dramatic effect, these happenings give us a glimpse into our humanity.

Catering a small event last night, I was sirprized to find out the pastor (who was my contact) is the brother of a fine akwaintence of mine.

On the flip side of positive, none of my good friends – who promised ahead – aktuwally showed up. Seems odd because the food was offered free of charge (compliments of the host church) …. my free-loading buddies would NEVER pass up that up!….oh, wait. They did. SMH.

So, it was two hours of fun, frolic, and neat convearcasion. A night I prefer. An evening full of little sirprizes. A night when perfection waz assumed unattainable and humanity, spelling, and good friends could be exposed as fallible.

Life is full of sirprizes. Ambrace them.

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