I saw a Moment

I saw a moment today. Two individuals – possibly in their fifties – a few feet behind an old tree, hugging each other. As I drove by, I could see only her face, not his. She was sad. Didn’t know the circumstances of the embrace. Not to be nosy, but I wish I had the advantage – albeit briefly – of being that tree….just to witness, a bit longer, the compassion and grace being extended to her…and, quite possibly, more of the back story – which is not really important, anyway, to the “why” of this post.
He gave his time. She needed a hug. Big, small, relevant, or meaningless to anyone else…..to them it was a moment that mattered. A moment behind a tree on an lazy Labor Day afternoon.
I’ve wasted many moments doing stupid things. It’s hard for any of us to get around without tripping over our own fallibilities. We get sad and need hugs. We see friends who are sad and need hugs.
Maybe, just maybe, all of us can look for an old tree once in a while. That way, when we hug someone who needs it, a fifty-something dude can drive by, see it, and pay it forward on Facebook during a lazy Labor Day evening.

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