New hope

Those who love you can’t hear your beautiful sounds if the silence surrounding you is louder.
Those who love you can’t see the brilliance in your heart if the darkness inside you is brighter.
Those who love you can’t hold your warm hands if the moment you need them is unyielding.
Those who love you can’t taste your sweet prose if the sourness of your life remains uncorked.

For the only way to sense your magnificence is to embrace the experience of your life. All of it.

Be willing to shout through the silence, “I am here and need someone, who loves me, to listen!”

Be willing to say, “My heart is sad. Through my tears, listen to what I say.”

Be willing to say, “Hold my hand. I need the support.”

Be willing to say, “I am using the words only I can use. You are holding my hand. Listening. I am grateful. Thank you.”

In the challenge of hiding all your bad moments year, after year, after year…you missed the days that could have been fulfilling and joyous.

Taste, see, smell, and hear. All of it. The good AND the bad.

Revisit. Touch again. This is, now, your new hope.

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